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No need to spend hours typing, copying and formatting documents yourself.
Simply adapt these professionally-created templates directly on your PC.

With the CD, The Labour Law Survival Pack, you can simplify your daily work, save time and know you’ve done everything right when hiring, managing and firing employees.

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Every year, there are so many changes to employment laws and pay and benefits which have a direct impact on your work. But the long search is over in the regulation jungle because with this CD, you have a comprehensive range of forms and contracts for employee management in practice.

With the help of 32 ready-to-use templates, documents and checklists you can be ready in seconds for whatever situation you come up against:

Drafting a disciplinary policy? Print out the exact template document you need, such as our Disciplinary Policy template to be confident that your disciplinary policy covers everything you need to do, professionally and correctly.
Leave policy: Handle every leave request promptly with the right sample letter such as annual leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave, sick leave, special leave, unpaid leave and religious holidays
Need to recruit? No need to spend hours worrying you’re covering everything you need to during interviews. We give you checklists to help you prepare for and conduct interviews. We’ve also included interview evaluation forms and questions you can ask. Your recruitment will be fair and comply with the labour regulations. Avoid discrimination claims and expensive mistakes: get it right from the start.
Pre-empt and avoid absenteeism with a Sick Leave Abuse Policy.
Take the ‘treading on eggshells’ fear out of handling poor performance: Use tour nine steps to performance management  to make sure you’ve followed the correct procedure and you can legally dismiss a poor performing employee.
Need to deal with retrenchment issues, write policies and procedures code or create an overtime agreement? Use the Labour Law Survival Pack CD. You’ll find up-to-date answers and documentation to deal with your HR and labour law situations – old or new. In just a couple of clicks, you’ll have ready-to-use templates to handle the situation in minutes and move onto the next task on your ‘To Do’ list.

Simply open the document you need. Type in the relevant names and make any small edits necessary to adapt it to your specific situation. Then print confidently with the knowledge that you’re acting safely and accurately, and always in accordance with the very latest legislation. Our team of experts have put in the hundreds of hours of careful and painstaking work so that you don’t have to.

Be honest. How much time did you spend looking for exactly the right template the last time you needed it? How much time did you spend drafting the last difficult letter, employee agreement or policy?

Obviously there are a dozen other – often more important – things you’d rather be doing with your time. And certainly you don’t want to be at your desk ‘till 9 p.m. or taking work home with you...

But there’s always that nagging doubt or uncertainty.

Now, with the Labour Law Survival Pack, you can enjoy the peace of mind and certainty of knowing you’re RIGHT from the very start!

Just find the document you need and print it out. You’ll have the document you need before you can open a new Word doc and start thinking about what you’re going to write!

Your Labour and HR Work Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

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We Understand the Exact Kind of Support You Need

The collection of documents that I’d like to send you today are practical, up to date and could make a huge difference to your working day. The idea behind the collection grew out of years of experience in creating information,support and templates for HR Managers and employers who deal with labour issues on a daily basis..

Our Labour and HR experts have more than 50 combined years of experience. Working with them over the years has taught us exactly what kind of practical information and resources you need to help you in all the different kinds of jobs and challenges you have to face every day – from dealing face-to-face with employees to putting together crucial policy, contract and payroll documentation.

The accumulated knowledge and expertise of our team is turned into real, practical support in the form of templates, sample letters, checklists and more...

You couldn’t hope for a more comprehensive, yet quick and easy-to-use package of support and documentation than the Labour Law Survival Pack.

Benefit from the advice and carefully produced materials from a team of top labour lawyers and HR experts available 24/7 – at a fraction of the cost of a few hours of consultancy in-house.

Never worry about making costly mistakes like this again.

Discrimination Claims...

…Just a tiny wording omission in your interview records – or a small mistake in your overtime management – could easily lead up to R2.7 million fines. Save yourself hassle and heartache by following the simple but meticulous instructions in the ready-to-print templates, policies and procedures.

Make sure you get all your procedures and wording right in minutes with the Labour Law Survival Pack.

Simply look for the relevant templates, letters and policies on your CD-ROM for ready-made answers for the problems you are facing.

Never Lose Valuable Time Again

I’m confident that you’ll be amazed by what a difference this CD will make to your working life. In fact, your only regret might be that you’ve been working all this time without it!

Your Labour Law Survival Pack CD contains virtually everything you need to carry out your job as an HR Manager.

I didn’t want to tell you about everything you will get on the CD here because then this email would’ve been three times longer! The only real way for you to find out exactly what it can do for you is to get your copy and discover how all the documents will save you lots of work.

I hope that you will enjoy the reduced work and stress load that this great product can
offer you.

Taryn Strugnell
Product Manager: Labour Law Survival Pack CD

It’s Never Too Late...

I bet that when you look at the list below of just some of the model policies, procedures and templates from the CD, you’ll find at least one, if not many, documents that could’ve saved you time and money in the past few weeks.

We don’t want you to worry about the past, but – we want to help you look forward to an easier future!

From Absenteeism and Grievance Procedures through to Varying Leave Policies, Strike Ultimatum  and Retirement Forms, you’ll find more than 30 documents to help you in almost every task you need to undertake as an HR Manager.

Here’s a full list of the 32 easy-to-print, pre-formatted HR Policies and Procedures you’ll receive when you get your copy of the Labour Law Survival Pack you can’t run your company without:

1. Absenteeism – return to work form
2. Attendance improvement plan
3. Checklist – Your induction manual
4. Checklist for a DoL EE Inspection
5. Checklists for preparing for and conducting interviews
6. Contract – fixed term
7. Contract – occasional worker
8. Contract – permanent employment
9. Contract – sub contractor
10. Disciplinary hearing – notification
11. Disciplinary Policy
12. Grievance Form
13. Grievance Policy and Procedure
14. Incapacity investigation record form
15. Interview evaluation form
16. Interviewers questionnaire
17. Leave form
18. Leave Policy
19. Legal recruitment checklist
20. Letter initiating retrenchment consulting
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21. Nine steps to performance management system
22. Payroll deduction authorisation
23. Performance evaluation form
24. Poor performance evaluation meeting
25. Quiz – How’s your company’s spirit?
26. Recognition agreement – trade unions
27. Leave: Religious Holidays Leave Policy
28. Return to work interview
29. Sample dress code
30. Sample ethics policy
31. Sample performance improvement letter
32. Sample wellness policy
33. Sick leave policy
34. Six steps to a successful performance review
35. Strike ultimatum
36. Team-building exercise
37. Written warning Absenteeism – return to work form
38. Attendance improvement plan
39. Checklist – Your induction manual
40. Checklist for a DoL EE Inspection
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41. Checklists for preparing for and conducting interviews
42. Contract – fixed term
43. Contract – occasional worker
44. Contract – permanent employment
45. Contract – sub contractor
46. Disciplinary hearing – notification
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And Here’s Another Bet...

On this CD, I bet you’ll find 99% of the templates, checklists and sample letters that you require for your labour and HR needs in 2016.

And, of course, if you decide that I’m wrong about what I’ve bet, then you can always return your CD for a 100% refund within 30 days.

Along with your Labour Law Survival Pack, also receive The Labour Law for Managers Digital Loose Leaf


In addition to your copy of the Labour Law Survival Pack CD, you will also receive an annual subscription to The Labour Law for Managers  Digital Loose Leaf Service

The Labour Law for Managers Digital Loose Leaf Service ensures you implement all the labour and employment law amendments correctly as they happen, so you don’t make costly mistakes. Not implementing these legal requirements in your company could cost you up to R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover.

It comes with:

Free lifetime subscription to the daily Labour Bulletin to keep you informed, up-to-date and motivated. This letter delivers management tips, advice and reminders straight to your Inbox informing you of any changes in Labour Laws and current events relating to HR.
12 Month updating service. 100% guarantee that your loose leaf is always up-to-date on new labour law changes as soon as they happen, with our annual updating service. This will ensure your HR and labour practices are 100% legal.
Free expert advice to solve your labour and HR problems: You’ll have access to a personalised labour helpdesk service where a team of labour lawyers and HR  experts are available 24/7 to answer your specific questions.
The ability to search quickly for the topics you need, using a simple search function;
Easy and logical navigation;
Editable and downloadable documents. This means you can download and print ANY of the checklists, templates, and sample forms in your Labour Law for Managers.
Plus, five free bonus reports:
  • Little known ways to reduce absenteeism
  • Year-End bonuses –Your employees aren’t automatically entitled to a bonus
  • How to get rid of that employee who’s not performing
  • Employees always sick - how to stop it today
  • Little known ways to reduce absenteeism
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